Microsoft ceased production of the Kinect

That is a long drop for an accessory that was once made a mandatory part of purchasing the Xbox One.

It's a sad day, we'll sort of, Kinect is no more.

Despite the launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro and the upcoming launch of the Xbox One X, there can be no mistaking that this console cycle will soon be entering its fifth year. Microsoft will continue to support Kinect for customers on Xbox. Originally created for the Xbox 360, the accessory with watershed depth camera and voice recognition microphone will no longer be produced by Microsoft, Kinect creator Alex Kipman and Xbox GM Matthew Lapsen confirmed to Fast Co.Design in an interview.

Fast Company spoke to Microsoft about officially ending Kinect production confirming that the peripheral managed to sell around 35 million units since debuting back in 2010. Microsoft's effort to bring Kinect into the mainstream with the Xbox One failed owing to the pricing, absence of major titles and lack of desirable features.

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One of the biggest application of Kinect technology is being seen in Microsoft's HoloLens augmented reality headset. The Kinect's technology will live on in other devices. Kinect's multiple sensors and cameras made it possible by sensing gestures and spoken commands. These games required you to ditch your comfortable couch and get into the action physically.

Nevertheless, the Kinect still found more niche uses among a developer community, including the exploration of its use in business and healthcare sectors. Though Xbox One S and Xbox One X do not have dedicated Kinect ports, you can still use the device on these systems if you have an adapter.

This means that the current Kinect units in retailers are the last ones, and once they are all purchased, they will never be restocked.

When do you think we'll know more about what comes next?

  • Douglas Reid