Oculus Unveils Its Budget Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus hasn't helped in dispelling this sentiment because the company hasn't released official figures about the sale of its flagship Rift.

Oculus Go is key to Facebook's target of getting one billion people actively using VR, a goal that would be a win for FB stock - and finally justify the $2 billion Facebook spent to acquire Oculus. It is important to keep in mind that its big brother, the Oculus Rift, was released in march 2016 and has not seen his hardware improved since.

"Oculus G" is a unique standalone feature, not part of Facebook. After the launch of its flagship of 3D posts in the news feed, Facebook is now up with the launch of Oculus Reality product.

Oculus Go features: What's new? Company founder Mark Zuckerburg has described it as the "most "accessible VR headset ever".

At the time of writing, Oculus hasn't announced when the Oculus Go will hit United Kingdom shores. It ships early next year, starting at $199.

How does that compare to the competition?

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The Gear competes against other headsets, such as Google's $99 Daydream View, that require a smartphone.

Oculus Go design: What does it look like?

Now, Oculus is trying to make virtual reality more affordable for the masses. Oculus still wants a wide range of Rift-ready computers, Barra says, but it's "not focused right now on dramatically increasing the addressable base", he told us. You can also wave goodbye to the annoying cables that anchor down the likes of the Rift, Vive and PlayStation VR as the Oculus Go is completely wireless. Moreover, it supports the Gear VR library of apps. The convenience of Oculus Go's all-in-one form factor, while appealing, is not enough, I believe, to overcome the price differential.

So, what's so special about Oculus Go? But how? Let's talk specifics.

These types of VR are not always embraced by customers due to the high price the companies ask, and because the systems usually need a high-tech computer to work. HTC Vive, it's closest competitor, launched at $799 Both also required high-end PCs - adding another $500 at least to the pricing. He also unveiled the Oculus Go, a cheaper and more mobile Oculus headset priced at $199 for the mass market. Along with this, you have spatial audio built into the side head straps.

  • Delia Davidson