Rs 7 lakh cr for building 84000 km of roads

Mr Gadkari said 550 districts will be covered under Bharatmala project as against earlier 300 districts.

He said its first phase includes 24,800 km of roads - economic corridors, border and coastal roads, and greenfield expressways.

The Minister said apart from Rs 5,35,000 crore for the first phase, there is a requirement of Rs 1,57,324 crore for ongoing projects under various schemes, and thus, overall outlay will be Rs 6,92,324 crore over five years.

Noting that Bharatmala is the "biggest ever programme approved by Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs in its history", Gadkari said it will enable the country to bridge the "highway sector infra deficit" by 2022.

The project also entails constructing 6,000 km long inter corridor and feeder routes, 2,000 km of border and worldwide connectivity roads, 5,000 km to be upgraded under the national corridor efficiency programme, 800 km of greenfield expressways, 10,000 km under the national highway development programme and 2,000 km of coastal and port connectivity roads.

Bharatmala also envisages building 3,300 km border roads and 2,000 km global connectivity roads. It will include 44 economic corridors that will connect border areas and improve port and coastal connectivity. He also highlighted 185 choke points identified to decongest corridors. It will enhance the connectivity between the state capitals and key towns in the nort-east and will also multimodal freight movement via 7 Waterway terminals on River Brahmaputra- Dhubri, Silghat, Biswanath Ghat, Neamati, Dibrugarh, Senagajan and Oriyamghat.

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A total of around 600 projects have been identified across the components for Bharatmala. The project will transit through Bangladesh to improve the North-East connectivity.

There will be 9,000 km of economic corridors, inter-corridor and feeder routes (6,000 km), national corridors efficiency improvement (5,000 km), border roads and worldwide connectivity (2,000 km), coastal roads and port connectivity (2,000 km) and greenfield expressways (800 km) in the first phase.

"Bharatmala will give the country 50 national corridors, compared with six at present". The government expects the road construction programme including Bharatmala to generate 142 million man-days of jobs. With this, 70 - 80 percent of freight will move along national highway (NH) as against the 40 percent at present.

Commenting upon the growth registered by the Indian ports, Gadkari said they will earn Rs60,000 crore profit in the current financial year.

Bharatmala Phase I will be implemented from 2017-18 to 2021-22.

Bharatmala project will be funded through market borrowings, central road funds, monetising government-owned road assets, and budgetary allocation.

  • Sonia Alvarado