Australians Vote 'Yes' On Gay Marriage

But the law can not actually be changed until the House of Representatives reconvenes for parliament's final sitting fortnight, which begins on November 27. "I say to all Australians, whatever your views on this issue may be, we must respect the voice of the people". Marriage equality legislation marks just the beginning in the fight for justice for all LGBTQ citizens of Australia and of the world, and some LGBTQ activists initially feared the campaign to cast votes for same-sex marriage would prompt a harshly negative response from conservatives.

The results of the postal vote saw 61.6% of the Australians who took part pledge their support to Marriage Equality.

Australians "have spoken in their millions and they have voted overwhelmingly yes for marriage equality", Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said following the announcement of results.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said, the non-binding postal vote showed 61.6 per cent of people favour allowing same-sex couples to Wednesday. Parliamentary debate to legalise same-sex marriage could begin as early as tomorrow.

Close to four fifths of eligible voters cast their ballots, with almost eight million people voting in favour of the historic change. "And you can be sure we'll hold them to that - we expect a timely vote on a fair and simple bill, this year", he said.

Queen Elizabeth II meets with the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull
Queen Elizabeth II meets with the Prime Minister of Australia Malcolm Turnbull

Mr Andrews made the comments while arguing the Smith bill would allow bakers to refuse serving same-sex couples for a wedding if they were against same-sex marriage.

He reaffirmed that his government would now push ahead with passing legislation to change the marriage laws by Christmas.

But he must first battle hardline elements within his own ruling coalition who have demanded extensive "religious freedom" exemptions that would roll back discrimination laws.

"We promise our supporters that no matter the result, we will continue to work to defend Australian families", he said.

A marriage equality bill was introduced into parliament later on Wednesday.

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