Black Friday shoppers resort to punches at mall in Alabama

About a dozen police officers rushed to stop a fight late Wednesday night at the mall's common area.

According to the statement from Hoover police, "No major incidents were reported at the Galleria or any of the city's other shopping facilities". You can see the full statement and video below.

Another video showed a Black Friday fight at KMart, where a shopper attacked an employee, throwing the man to the down and reportedly shattering his hip. The participants were separated and identified by officers.

Police said two men were sitting inside a vehicle when one of them discharged the gun while trying to holster the weapon. The fight was not related to post-Thanksgiving sales. No arrests have been made, as no one wanted to press charges. Lt. Keith Czeskleba told reporters police responded an incident between two women.

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At least 10-15 Hoover police officers responded.

The Black Friday madness began early in one Alabama mall - which was forced to shut down as a result of several fights that erupted between shoppers.

The melee prompted mall management to close the mall down about a half hour earlier than planned. The number of arrests is not yet known.

As of midnight Friday morning, law enforcement officials have placed crime scene tape on a section of the parking lot.

  • Sonia Alvarado