Trump campaign gave feds the goods on Papadopoulos, says White House

Sanders was then asked by a reporter: "So his activities were entirely of his invention, no one asked him to do any of these things - is that what you're telling the American public?"

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said today that indictments handed down by special counsel Robert Mueller have "nothing to do" with President Trump or his campaign.

Papadopoulos was one of five people announced to be part of Trump's foreign policy team in March of past year.

The White House has acknowledged this one meeting as there is photographic evidence of it from Trump's own Instagram account (Papadopoulos is third from left).

Both pleaded not guilty to the charges Monday afternoon.

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"How is it not collusion when George Papadopoulos is in contact with various people who are promising dirt on Hillary Clinton in a series of events that closely mirrors what occurred with the president's own son?" he asked.

She was responding to a volley of questions on the surrender of Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign manager, who has been indicted on 12 counts by a special counsel investigating into alleged Russian interference into last year's presidential elections.

Mr. Papadopoulos's offers were repeatedly rebuffed by the campaign, although one official told him to go to Russian Federation in order to gather dirt about Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Trump spent much of Monday watching TV upstairs in his private residence, "seething", a Republican close to the White House tells CNN.

The professor, the statement indicates, had "substantial connections to Russian government officials" even though Papadopoulos claimed the professor was "a nothing".

Sanders was also asked how well she knew Papadopoulos, who pleaded guilty earlier this month to lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents who are investigating possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

  • Sonia Alvarado