Exit polls show clear majority for BJP in Gujarat and Himachal

Taking to Twitter on Friday, Yadav posted the exit poll results of Bihar Assembly elections 2015 and posted,"Remember Exit Poll predictions for Bihar Elections- 2015: Today's Chanakya: BJP-155, GA-83; NewsX/CNX: BJP- 95, GA -135 Times Now-CVoter: BJP-111, GA-122; Dainik Jagran: BJP-130 GA - 97; ABP/ Nielsen: BJP-130 GA- 108; India Today-Cicero: BJP-120 GA- 117". The survey gives the BJP less than 110 seats, which it comes out to be true, will prove to be a big setback for the party has ruled over Gujarat for 22 years.

The only disappointment for the party is that it might not meet its president Amit Shah's target of 150 seats in Gujarat.

Congress will gain 78-100 seats according to the betting market.

The second and last phase of Gujarat poll ended on Thursday.

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The India Today-Axis poll predicted 99-113 seats in the 182-seat Gujarat Assembly for the BJP and 68-82 seats for the Congress.

"A victory for the BJP will be received well by the market while a surprise defeat (against the forecasts of the exit polls) would be a large negative surprise for the market".

However, about 27 seats remain extremely critical and a swing of 1-2 per cent vote share can completely change the picture for the Congress party. A poll of polls projected a 47-20 seat share in favour of the saffron party in the 68-seat Himachal Pradesh Assembly. The three are seen as the safe seats for the BJP. This means if BJP gets 103+ seats than bookies will get Rs 35,000 surplus on a hedge bet of Rs 1 lakh and if the seats are less than 100 than Rs 1 lakh will be dissolved. The official results will be declared on Monday.

Of the 4.35 crore registered voters, 2.97 crore exercised their franchise in the elections held on 9 and 14 December. However, skepticism pervades in the betting market as their in-depth analysis during the Uttar Pradesh Assembly election 2017 went awry after BJP had a clean sweep. As per data provided by Avian Media, BJP has sustained its domination on the digital sphere as well, topping the charts in the "Most Discussed Political Parties" list for both states.

  • Sonia Alvarado