Facebook slams infringing content in first half of 2017

She said: "We would welcome more detail in the report to provide further insight into the government requests and Facebook's response".

The number of data requests made by the U.S. Government on Facebook users surged 26 percent int eh first half of 2017 versus the last six months of 2016.

In addition to our new section on intellectual property, we are also providing our usual twice-a-year update on government requests for account data, content restrictions based on local law, and information about internet disruptions in the first half of this year. Each of those nation's administration had more than 50 percent of solicitations in truth, with the US (85 percent), United Kingdom (90 percent) and France (74 percent) striking for higher rates. In the second half of 2016, by contrast, the company only restricted content about 7,000 times - meaning takedown requests quadrupled in the category.

There has also been a slight increase in the percentage of requests that have prompted data to be disclosed.

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Sonderby added Facebook "carefully scrutinize" each request received for account data to ensure it's legally sufficient.

Facebook also took action against more than 300,000 counterfeit content marketed and sold across its platforms, and took down almost 150,000 pieces of trademark infringing content.

Every year, Facebook gets tens of thousands of requests for data from governments worldwide, including search warrants, subpoenas, or calls to restrict certain kinds of content. India, the UK, Germany and France were also among the most frequent requesters, with 12 per cent, nine per cent, seven per cent and six per cent, respectively. If a request appears to be deficient or overly broad, Facebook "push back, and will fight in court, if necessary". However, sheer numbers demonstrate demands hit 78,890 in the central portion of 2017, an expansion of 33 percent year-on-year and 23 percent on the past half year time frame. Facebook was disrupted 21 times in the first half for the Indian users. Facebook says it complied with 54.30 per cent of these particular legal process requests.

The social media company also took down 217,265 posts from Facebook driven by counterfeit claims, and 108,094 from Instagram. Some 70,000 solicitations for copyright came to Instagram, with 685,000 bits of substance evacuated.

  • Douglas Reid