Firefighters free YouTube prankster who cemented head into microwave

Dakin said the mixture quickly hardened and set.

Multiple media organizations have identified the prankster as 22-year-old Jay Swingler, from the TGFbro YouTube channel.

TGFBro, a YouTube prankster whose previous stunts include setting himself in jello overnight and bathing in fake tan lotion, had filled a microwave with wet cement and placed his head inside, using a breathing tube to, you know, stay alive.

Firefighters in the United Kingdom criticized the social media prankster's behavior after they were called out to help free him from the "irresponsible" YouTube stunt that saw Swingler placing his head in a plastic bag in the microwave and then pouring seven bags of Polyfilla into the microwave oven, Sky News first reported.

The 22 year old prankster, who was trying to make a mould of his head in the weird stunt, became stuck when his friends poured polyfilla around his head (which was already protected with a plastic bag). The firefighters prioritized removing a chunk near his face in order for him to breathe more easily.

Firefighters eventually managed to free him after an hour.

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Another said: "Do the right thing and give (West Midlands Fire Service) the money".

Sure it's tough to make that hot spicy online content day in and day out, but please DO NOT cement your head into things just to get some video views. "But we had to be extremely careful with the screwdriver, working so closely to his head", Dakin reported.

He added, "It took us almost an hour to free him".

And even though the group apologised, the fire service said that it was a call that "might have prevented them from helping others in genuine, accidental need".

Swinder is known for pulling ridiculous pranks, but this one might have gone a little too far.

  • Sonia Alvarado