Woman arrested for smoking on airplane, threatening to kill fellow passengers

The video captured by the co-passenger shows Curbelo yelling at the attendant saying that she has a destination for herself and that she needs to go there. I have a destination for myself.

Southwest said in a statement that the flight from Portland, Oregon, received priority treatment from air traffic control and landed safely in Sacramento. However, in the interview, Curbelo couldn't pinpoint anything that was actually making her anxious, and she also provided no explanation for why she threatened to kill everybody on the plane if it did not immediately land.

A woman screamed "I will kill everyone on this plane" after being caught smoking on board.

Reporter: "You were saying some pretty threatening things like you were going to kill everybody on the plane".

Southwest Flight 2943 was between Portland and Sacramento when a woman, identified as 24-year-old Valerie Curbello, attempted to smoke in the airplane bathroom and tamper with the smoke detector to avoid being caught, according to airline officials.

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Federal regulations prohibit smoking on an aircraft or tampering with a smoke detector, which is typically punished by a fine. The safety of our Crew and Passengers is our top priority and we take all threats seriously.

The clip ends with fellow passengers stepping up to help flight attendants calm the irate woman.

The station also announced that Curbelo is now booked in the Sacramento county jail for making criminal threats.

When the aircraft landed in Sacramento, police took Curbelo into custody.

"I don't know", Curbelo replied. Curbelo was then arrested on charges of felony and was sent to jail on a Dollars 75000 bail, states a Washington Post report. She faces three felony counts of making criminal threats, and remains in the Sacramento County Jail on $75,000 bail.

  • Darren Santiago