All iPhones, iPads and Mac devices affected by 'Meltdown' and 'Spectre' bugs

Odds are you are running a 64-bit version of Windows, so you'll want to install the file for x64-based systems.

Speaking to, Honan said "there's the potential that applying the patches could impact the performance of the machines", noting that older machines or those already under a lot of pressure may be particularly affected. However, in case an user goes for a different operation, the files are dumped, and it is here that the threat has been detected.

If nothing comes up, that means Windows has detected the presence of an incompatible anti-virus (AV) application on your system.

The company says it instructed anti-virus vendors to modify their products and create a registry key on customers' computers when they've confirmed or updated their products so not to crash Windows PCs post-Meltdown/Spectre updates. It did however say that most users wouldn't notice the change.

Consumers can mitigate the underlying vulnerability by making sure they patch up their operating systems with the latest software upgrades.

Users can do little to avoid the security flaws apart from update their computers with the latest security fixes as soon as possible.

This Google Docs file contains a list of the responses from some AV companies.

Updating computing systems in businesses is already time-consuming and expensive, says Wendy Nather, security strategist at Duo Security.

We'll display this in red so it sticks out. He anticipates most vendors will be compatible by next week.

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The Meltdown and Spectre issues take advantage of a modern CPU performance feature called speculative execution. It also reported that the updates to fix the problems could cause Intel chips to operate 5 per cent to 30 per cent more slowly. They have been given the James Bond-esque names Meltdown and Spectre.

What you need to do?

The more pervasive flaw, dubbed Spectre, leaves the world's supply of microprocessors potentially vulnerable to attack, the researchers said.

Type Get-SpeculationControlSettings and press Enter.

"As they are hardware bugs, patching is a significant job".

According to the tech giant, despite the issues being present, there have been no known exploits to hit any Apple product users so far. After updating Windows and checking for a firmware update, you should run a scan using your AV app to check for any malicious software on your system. "We also collaborated with hardware and software manufacturers across the industry to help protect their users and the broader web", Google said in a security blog. Depending on your computer's age, some OEM might not make these firmware updates available, meaning you'll be stuck with an incomplete Spectre patch.

However, he said the pros of installing the patches outweigh the cons.

In the list of results that's displayed, you're looking to see that a series of protections are enabled - this will be listed as True.

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