Auto flies into second story of California dental office, gets stuck

Officials say a small fire injured one person who managed to get out of the vehicle unassisted.

Officers in California responded to an unusual call on Saturday night, when they arrived at a scene involving a sedan wedged into a dental office.

A speeding auto in Santa Ana, California went airborne early Sunday morning, causing it to crash into the second floor of an office building with two people inside of the vehicle. The incident unfolded in the 300 block of East 17th Street in Santa Ana, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The fire department removed the vehicle with a wrecker truck later on.

The impact sent the auto into the air and into the small office building.

The white Nissan Altima crossed three lanes on 17th before it hit a center divider, soared into the air and plowed into the two-story structure, the Orange County Fire Authority said.

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OCFA in Santa Ana of a vehicle that crashed into the building.

Captain Stephen Horner of the Orange County Fire Authority said that a small fire was immediately extinguished.

An hour later the OCFA reported that both victims had been extricated with only minor injuries.

The driver, who admitted to using narcotics, was admitted to a local hospital for observation.

Officers will submit a DUI/Narcotics case to the Orange County District Attorney's office, police said.

  • Sonia Alvarado