France would 'probably' have voted to leave the European Union says Emmanuel Macron

"So it's something perhaps between this full access and a trade agreement".

"You can not, by definition, have full access to the single market if you don't tick the boxes".

Speaking to Marr, he warned that the United Kingdom could not "cherry-pick" the elements it wanted. It depends on you.

Britain cannot have full market access without contributing to the European Union budget without adopting the so-called "four freedoms", including the free movement of people, and without accepting the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice, according to the French President.

"There should be no cherry-picking in the single market because that's a dismantling of the single market", he said.

He explained: "I mean, I do respect this vote, I do regret this vote, and I would love to welcome you again".

"For sure you will have your own solution", the French leader said in an interview with the BBC's Andrew Marr to be aired Sunday.

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The French President said that while it was possible for the British government to negotiate a bespoke deal, which allowed full access to European markets, such a deal would be dependent on maintaining all current EU rules.

As a gesture of goodwill, Mr Macron agreed to send the Bayeux tapestry, which depicts the Norman invasion of Britain in 1066, across the channel for the first time in 900 years. Because it's part of the whole financing of our European Union.

"And I think a lot of our issues in both the Middle East and Africa are due to a lot of frustrations, due to a lot of past humiliations and we have to understand that".

"But, my interpretation is that a lot of the losers of globalisation suddenly decided it was no more for them".

Britain, not a member of Europe's visa-free Schengen Area that includes 26 countries, wanted new measures to stop the entry of non-EU citizens without a visa.

"If France had had a referendum it might have had the same result", suggested Marr.

Mr Macron responded: "Yes, probably. But our context was very different so I don't want to take any bets".

  • Sonia Alvarado