India strongly condemns Kabul terror attack

The blast triggered chaotic scenes with terrified people rushing to safety and moving away from the blast site, the area where several high-profile organisations, including the European Union, have offices. At least 50 of the injured were brought to a trauma hospital the group runs nearby.

The latest attack will add pressure on President Ashraf Ghani and his USA allies, who have expressed growing confidence that a new more aggressive military strategy has succeeded in driving Taliban insurgents back from major provincial centres.

Mirwais Yasini, a member of parliament who was nearby during the explosion, said ambulance approached a checkpoint close the High Peace Council's office, and blew up, Reuters reported. "It was really huge - all our windows are broken", Hassina Safi, a member of High Peace Council, told AFP.

The Health Ministry said 40 were killed and about 140 wounded.

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The old building of the Afghan Interior Ministry is located at the area.

The force of the blast shook windows of buildings at least two kilometres (more than a mile) away and shattered windows within hundreds of metres of the site. Outside civilians walked through debris-covered streets carrying wounded people on their backs as paramedics loaded several bodies at a time into ambulances to take them to medical facilities around the city, reports PTI.

Wounded people are assisted at the site of an explosion in downtown Kabul, Afghanistan, Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018. In a similar attack, at least 4o people had lost their lives at Intercontinental hotel on January 20.

Saturday's terror attack in the Afghan capital followed the terror attack on children and civilians in Jalalabad area earlier this week.

  • Sonia Alvarado