Kim Kardashian Accused Of Cultural Appropriation For Wearing 'Bo Derek Braids'!

Over the weekend, the reality TV star took a break from rocking her ice blond bob to debut her newest look: a beaded, braided style, which she called "Bo Derek braids".

If you thought that was racy, get ready for her newest post that some might consider shocking. even for Kim K herself.

"Kim Kardashian really said "Bo Derek braids" knowing damn well what she was doing", another person said.

The actress famously sported the hairstyle in the 1979 film 10. It was, and is, an appropriation of Fulani braids, or cornrows, a hairstyle worn by black women.

Another said, "First of all, f- you @KimKardashian for wearing cornrows and calling them "Boderrick braids". second of call f- you again for crediting the creation of "boderrick braids" to a white woman who was culturally appropriating cornrows to begin with".

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One wrote: 'What's the problem with Kim Kardashian having braids? "She'll have them braids out by Tuesday, along with an apology saying how she didn't mean to offend anyone". If a wealthy white woman like Kim does it, it has no effect on her.

Bo Derek previously called a similar incident involving Kylie Jenner "stupid", and stated that race never came up when she rocked her cornrows almost 40 years ago.

But, as always, some of the beauty mogul's followers came to her defense - though a few didn't seem to understand that the actual braids weren't the issue. The mother-of-three was called out for allegedly darkening her skin tone to promote her creme contour & highlight kit. These why culture appropriation trash.

While a further fan blasted: "I just KNOW I ain't seen Kim Kardashian with braids and beads".

"But I showed the image to many people, to many in the business". Can someone tell her to stop appropriating our culture cause Kanye clearly ain't.

  • Michelle Webb