Spanish, Portuguese Police Seize Over 700 Kilos of Cocaine Hidden in Pineapples

The operation was led by two Colombian brothers who had laboratories located near the Spanish capital of Madrid.

According to BBC News, the recent sting was part of an ongoing investigation between Portugal and Spain.

The Iberian police forces announced the big drug bust on Wednesday after arresting nine members of a gang that allegedly transported the drug from South America. Along with the pineapple discovery, authorities also dismantled a lab where the cocaine was being cut with additives.

These smugglers had cleverly disguised the cocaine in cylinders covered in hardened yellow wax made to look like the fruit, and used emptied out pineapple skins as covering sleeves.

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Authorities reportedly also seized 400,000 Euros, or about $500,000. Traffickers would pick up the cocaine from Terrassa every 15-20 days.

The pineapple shipment had arrived in Lisbon with an intended delivery address in Spain, police said. The Portuguese authorities believe that "this organized worldwide group had repeatedly brought large quantities of cocaine to the European continent". Organizations in both Central/South America and North Africa transport their products by sea to the Iberian peninsula before taking them on land the rest of the way.

This freakish shipping method has been used before by drug smugglers.

  • Ismael Montgomery