Super Mario Odyssey DLC finally brings back Luigi

Thankfully, the damage has been minorly mitigated with the announcement in this morning's Nintendo Direct that Luigi will officially be entering Super Mario Odyssey as part of the game's first free DLC.

Super Mario Odyssey's free update comes in February 2018. Once players download the free update and complete the main story, Balloon World will become available. Called Luigi's Balloon World, the update adds two new modes to the game "Hide It" and "Find It". The mode can be accessed by talking to Luigi, who will task Mario with hiding a balloon away in a hard-to-find area, before attempting to uncover another balloon hidden by a player online.

There will also be three new costumes added to the game, as well as several new filters for the games Snapshot Mode.

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By finding more and more balloons, you'll increase a unique set of stats and move up in the rankings. See the hastily taken screenshot above to see what they look like.

The update will also include some new outfits for Mario to wear on his journeys through the different kingdoms.

  • Delia Davidson