Trump's confusing, contradictory performance at a public immigration debate

Democrats want protections for Dreamers under DACA [[ DAH-kuh ]].

"A wall is more an ego trip for the president than an effective use of resources", Sen.

Graham is a longtime advocate of a pathway to citizenship for immigrants.

The Dreamers are young immigrants who were brought into the US illegally as children.

"You can put the most attractive wall out there and it's not going to stop them", Cuellar remarked. John McCain said in February 2017.

Democrats counter that additional physical barriers along the border with Mexico wouldn't necessarily be the same as the massive, endless wall Trump vowed to build.

In the case of a man arrested numerous times on domestic violence charges, the New Mexico Supreme Court says a person's right to confront an accuser can be forfeited if that defendant is accused of wrongdoing through. During this six-month period, the Trump administration called on Congress to pass permanent legislation. And over the weekend, Trump told reporters "we all want DACA to happen, but we also want great security for our country".

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The commission also clarified that it did not schedule a press conference for Wednesday as reported in the media. The two were vying to replace Africa's first female president, Nobel Peace Prize victor Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

At a White House meeting with Republican and Democratic members of Congress Tuesday, Sen. "It must end the visa lottery", Mr Trump said.

The answer may be in semantics.

"I have no problem", Trump said in response to a question about supporting a clean DACA bill, while Republican lawmakers looked on. "Believe it or not, this is the least important thing that we are talking about, but politically this might be the most important talk about", he said, implying that the wall was little more than a well-marketed concept created to appeal to his voter base. He said Democrats support border security "which means many things to many people and maybe different things to different people". Trump later clarified that there is no agreement without the wall. "Tony Reardon, the president of a union that represents customs officers, called the moves "shortsighted" and added that they "[pose] a serious threat to border security", and other experts noted that the wall won't do much either to stop drug trafficking (most drugs enter via smugglers who cross the border legally), or to dissuade the majority of undocumented immigrants from entering the country.

"It should be a bill of love", Trump said at the White House, where he hosted Republican and Democratic lawmakers for talks on the issue - and allowed journalists rare access to almost an hour of the meeting.

President Donald Trump is suggesting that an immigration deal could be tackled in two phases - first by taking care of the so-called Dreamers and border security, then by making comprehensive reforms to the immigration system.

"Unfortunately, following that meeting, the White House issued a series of unreasonable demands entirely outside the scope of our ongoing negotiations about DACA and border security", Schumer said on the Senate floor Monday.

  • Sonia Alvarado