Walmart Offers Unique Opioid Disposal Solution With DisposeRx

Now, in addition to ongoing counseling to patients on the proper use of opioids when filling a prescription for such medications, Walmart pharmacists will advise patients on how to use DisposeRx and hand out a brochure detailing risks and helpful resources.

Retail giant Walmart is offering a way for people to get rid of any leftover opioids they might have by giving away packets that turn the painkillers into a useless gel.

DisposeRx packets have a polymer blend that when combined with warm water in the pill bottle sequesters any type of prescription drug, whether a powder, pills, tablets, capsules, liquids or patches, into a biodegradable gel.

What Walmart wants to do by including packets along with the prescription is to make it possible for you to dispose of those five pills at home for free.

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The product, a powder called DisposeRX, is meant to be used by customers who no longer need their prescription painkillers or are concerned that someone else might take their pills. Patients with chronic Class II opioid prescriptions will receive a free DisposeRx packet every six months.

Once the pills have been dissolved, it's relatively hard to extract the opioid as well, DisposeRx CEO John Holaday told reporters on a call. And existing pharmacy patients can also request a free packet at any time.

"That's why we're taking an active role in fighting our nation's opioid issue, an issue that has affected so many families and communities across America", Hays said. It said last fall that it has donated about 1.5 million drug disposal pouches across the country and will increase that total to 2 million early this year. The disposal kit can also work on any form of opioids.

The world's largest retailer announced the new disposal system, known as DisposeRx, on Wednesday, with plans to make it available to use for free at all of its 4,700 USA pharmacies. And about one third of medications sold go unused, making them more readily available for abuse. "Too often, these risky narcotics remain unsecured where children, teens or visitors may have access", Arkansas Senator John Boozman said in a statement.

  • Ismael Montgomery