Chris Long Was Also Annoyed With Cris Collinsworth

The Philadelphia Eagles defensive end ridiculed NBC NFL analyst Chris Collinsworth for some of his Super Bowl LII commentary. Collinsworth incorrectly identified Long's responsibilities on a reverse pass by the New England Patriots.

"Ertz takes 17 steps and Collinsworth says he thinks they have to overturn it,", along with four crying, laughing emoji faces.

Collinsworth thought Long was in charge of covering Tom Brady on the trick play when Danny Amendola threw the ball Brady's way. Even Al Michaels chimed in during the review saying, "If I had to guess, I'd say it gets overturned". Clement brushed off the notion that his incredible touchdown catch wasn't actually a catch, and Ajayi took a parting shot at Tom Brady for muffing an easy catch, noting that his own quarterback was able to secure a touchdown reception with the "Philly Special" play. Several minutes after the review, Collinsworth had maintained his opinion that it was not a catch.

Eagles running back Corey Clement appeared to be bobbling the ball when he got two feet in bounds, and then stepped out of bounds when he had the ball secured.

VW Used Monkeys To Test Diesel Emissions
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Not long into his viewing experience, Long tweeted his thoughts on the job done by Cris Collinsworth, especially on the Eagles final touchdown play to Zach Ertz. The officials must have determined the bobble wasn't big enough for him to lose control.

Coincidentally, the play came right before Collinsworth joked: "I'll shut up now".

"Being a Philadelphia Eagles fan and having to listen to him constantly talk about the Patriots and hardly ever the Eagles during the game made it nearly unbearable", the petition reads.

  • Lawrence Cooper