Here's how to turn off iPhone throttling with the iOS 11.3 beta

The company also shared how the new functions will work, and they have also mentioned that the iPhone 8 and X will not be slowed down when the battery performance degrades.

Rumors have been swarming that Apple plans on discontinuing its latest and most talked about smartphone device - the iPhone X. Well, according to a new report, that's at least half true.

Thune, who chairs the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation, originally gave Apple a January 23 deadline to reply but granted an extension at the company's request, according to the committee's communications director, Frederick Hill.

Apple iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X models will not be significantly impacted by the iOS performance management feature.

Apple was on the receiving end of some sharp criticism from concerned customers after they admitted that they had been slowing older iPhones.

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Users expressed outrage over the company's under-the-table throttling practices, firstly because Apple didn't explicitly inform customers that this would happen eventually, and because a large portion of affected users claim that Apple may be doing this to force users into upgrading to the newest iPhone model. While no other information has been released about this, Apple has vowed to provide details on this at a later date. The next month, Apple alerted iPhone users in the iOS 10.2.1 ReadMe notes.

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For what it's worth, Tim Cook during Apple's most recent earnings conference call explained that Apple did not take upgrade rates into account when establishing the battery replacement program.

Apple is said to be bringing aboard two unnamed Chinese suppliers. Hogan did not mention the SEC and Justice Department investigations in her letter to Thune. The tenth-anniversary iPhone model is everything that a user would like to have for a highly innovative device. Apple has acknowledged that its initial disclosures came up short. The company will continue its discussions with the committee, he said.

Apple amidst the lawsuits facing about slowing down of older iPhones has released a new iOS Beta update to developers.

  • Delia Davidson