Google Assistant can now understand customized commands for third-party apps

Google is continuing to improve their technologies and products this year from the new updates in Chrome Browser to the first ever Google iMessages App for iOS and now they are changing Google Assistant completely in such a way that it will blow your mind. There will be more items available to explore through this new Media Playback option on your device with new TV Show clips, new meditation songs and much more.

The problem has been that Google Assistant has built-in universal commands that other companies weren't able to tweak. But before you get around to saying that, you'd have to also tell the assistant, "Talk to Todoist". Aside from that, Google announced that users will soon be able to subscribe to notifications on their phones from their favorite Actions, which will allow them to receive information there are interested in, such as stock price, news alerts, quotes and so on.

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Despite having support for many third party partner apps, the support for complex commands on Google Assistant was missing. Google has said in its official blog post that the Assistant Actions will also support "Custom Device Actions" which enables the Assistant to understand the custom voice commands.

In a nutshell, if you want support for a device or service on Google Assistant, you won't have to wait for Google to roll out direct support, and developers can begin integration from their end instead. You would be able to do a variety of more tasks using the updated Google Assistant in the coming days. This means that rather than choosing from a list of pre-defined voice commands, manufacturers of products that integrate with the voice assistant can program their own to be more relevant for their products. Basically, they aim towards the home appliances to make your home even more smarter with the equipment of the Google's Voice assistant.

  • Douglas Reid