Google Lens rolls out to all Android users with Photos

Google is now working on it and as per some sources in future, the app will be backed by soo much power that it can even identify an individual as well.

Last year, Google introduced a new neural networks API in Android 8.1 Oreo that provided developers with hardware-backed tools for machine learning.

Word on the street was that Google was planning to launch the first developer preview for its upcoming Android P release very soon, and it looks like that word was right on track.

It can scan business cards and allow users to save a contact through it. Looking ahead, today we're sharing the first developer preview of Android P, the newest version of Android. The latest update brings those features across Android devices.

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Google Lens, powered by AI has had its biggest expansion, now rolling out widely for other Android users. Google has officially announced that the Lens feature will be available for the Android users via Photos app. Photos is a preparatory app/platform from Google, which offers unlimited cloud storage for storing standard quality photos and videos. Google Lens literally turns your Android phone into a visual search engine. These features are part of the Google Assistant, where the camera is used to scan and identify the object or place. Just slide their pic through Google Lens to find out If you've snapped some cool art, Google Lens is a great way to find out the details laterHow to get Google Lens, and how does it work? Google Lens will next start analysing the photo in order to fetch you appropriate results.

Lens can be activated within Google Photos by opening the app and tapping on the Lens icon on the bottom bar.

This Google Lens' integration is finally rolled out with an update of the Google Photos app. Let us know in the comments. "If you have critical, immersive content, you can also use new APIs to check the cutout shape and request full-screen layout around it", the blog post noted.

  • Delia Davidson