Mark Cuban Allegedly Tanked His Hand Down a Girl's trousers

Billionaire Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was investigated for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman almost seven years ago, according to a police report that was made public this week.

Cuban has denied the allegations.

Bass said, via The Associated Press, that the league is also reviewing subsequent findings from the Portland police investigation. However, if this suddenly turns into a cascade of allegations as has happened with many other prominent men in the #MeToo movement, then it goes without saying Cuban and the National Basketball Association would be embroiled in very problematic circumstances.

The woman, however, stood by her claim while speaking to the Willamette Week. The news broke just two weeks after Sports Illustrated published a report claiming that Cuban's National Basketball Association team had fostered an hostile work environment, rife with misogyny and sexual harassment.

"If she told five friends right there and then, then that's what they're gonna tell the judge and I'm gonna be fucked".

Houze, Cuban's attorney, also gave authorities the results of a polygraph examination and the opinion of two medical experts that Rees said provided evidence against the woman's claims.

"I filed the report because what he did was wrong", she told the Willamette Week.

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The woman reportedly submitted photos to the police department that showed Cuban "stretching to reach his arm down" while the woman had a "look of surprise and strain".

The woman said she stopped her boyfriend from going back into the bar and confronting Cuban because he also was drunk, according to the report. "Cuban. This incident never happened and her accusations are false". "I stand behind that report 1,000 percent".

Cuban has vigorously denied the allegation, with his attorney, Stephen Houze, noting that police conducted a thorough investigation and opted not to press charges.

Portland's Willamette Week published what it said were details from a case that police did not pursue because of a lack of evidence.

The police report explains that in one of the pictures, she appears uncomfortable.

In case you didn't know.


"The case detective and the complainant both agree with the conclusion there is no corroborative evidence to support the complaint's allegation".

  • Lawrence Cooper