Meet The Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Mascots

The organising committee revealed that their mascots have opposing personalities but "respect each other and are very good friends". She added that she hoped Tokyo's mascots would live up to the popularity of Soohorang and Bandabi, the Korean mythological white tiger and Asiatic black bear mascots featured at the Pyeongchang Olympics and Paralympics, with the Olympics having ended last Sunday.

"The mascot has a strong sense of justice and is very athletic", the notes about the mascot said.

The winning design - penned by Ryo Taniguchi, an artist who graduated from Cabrillo College in California - was selected from a vote of kids from 16,769 elementary schools across Japan.

The Paralympic mascot is similar to the Olympics mascot but has a white and pink design.

"It has a dignified inner strength and a kind heart that loves nature", the description of the mascot said. Although the official Mascot Selection Panel performed the initial processes to short-list the remaining designs, the students had the ultimate say in the winning mascot pairing through voting that took place from December to February 22nd, with no votes being accepted from the general public.

Japan has life-size characters, Yuru-kyara, representing nearly everything.

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With luxurious manes, short horns and faces that appear to be shaped like rugby balls, mascots "Ren" and "G" are inspired by "shishi", the mythical lion-like figure that features in Japan's new year celebrations and kabuki theatre.

The pot-bellied, red-cheeked bear known as Kumamon - created in 2010 to promote Japan's southern Kumamoto region - raked in $8.8 million a year ago for local businesses selling branded products.

Both mascots received over 100,000 votes.

In a nation highly driven by technological advances, two futuristic cartoon figures- one is a superhero and the other has an athlete's figure- were chosen on live television earlier today at a ceremony attended by over 500 cheering schoolchildren in Tokyo.

Names of the mascots will be announced this summer, officials said.

"I want to tell this to my beloved wife".

  • Ismael Montgomery