MUD Expels Henri Falcon, Ex-Chavista Challenger to Venezuela's Maduro

Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro gestures as he talks to the media during a news conference in Caracas, Venezuela, Feb. 15, 2018.

The agreement between the government of President Nicolas Maduro and several smaller opposition parties will give candidates more time to campaign, allow millions of Venezuelan exiles to register to vote overseas and pave the way for a jointly proposed team of electoral observers from the United Nations.

The Venezuelan president said at a meeting with governors and mayors that the cards would allow the country's citizens to continue receiving aid despite USA and European economic sanctions.

The United States is also considering imposing sanctions against Maduro's government due to what it called unfair conditions for the presidential vote.

"Maduro desperately needs Falcon or any candidate with real ties to the opposition in the election", said Eugenio Martinez, a Venezuelan election expert. Former state governor Henri Falcon has registered to run against him as the candidate of the Progressive Advance (AP) and Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).

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The Venezuelan government rescheduled the presidential elections to the second fortnight of May after an agreement with some opposition parties.

"Venezuela is a model democracy for the whole world", Rodriguez, who is communications minister, told reporters at the election board headquarters. Maduro wants Mr. Falcon to run to give the election a veil of legitimacy. Mr.

As well as a change in the date, Falcon is demanding reforms of the pro-government election board, United Nations observers, and the end of state handouts close to voting booths on election days.

Maduro also handed in the Government Program for the 2019-2025 presidential period, which is considered to be the continuation of Hugo Chavez' Fatherland Plan 2013-2019.

Maduro says Venezuela's election system is clean, and accuses the United States of leading a right-wing global conspiracy to end socialism and take over his nation's oil. Maduro was recently disinvited from the Summit of the Americas meeting of regional leaders by the host country, Peru, which said the election was taking place under unconstitutional circumstances.

  • Sonia Alvarado