Python Devours Deer Fawn in Florida, Alarming Scientists

A Burmese python has been documented devouring a white-tailed deer in a case that has stunned even veteran biologists.

The Conservatory of Southwest Florida posted the discovery to its Facebook page and said it made the discovery while biologists were conducting research at Collier-Seminole State Park in April 2015.

"They're capable of impacting white-tail deer populations, which are very important to the endangered Florida panthers", Bartoszek said. The fawn weighed 35 pounds while the 11-foot python came in at 31.5 pounds, which the Conservancy called "not a big python by any stretch of the imagination".

An invasive Burmese python in Florida pulled off arguably one of the most metal feats of nature this week.

We're seeing incredible photos of what's being called the largest predator-to-prey size ratio involving a Burmese python.

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Officials say pythons have been known to kill and ingest large prey and this was a record breaking meal.

Now, they're invasive and a threat to the environment and ecosystem, officials said. They've radio-tagged twenty male pythons, which are leading he and his team to females and other males of the species. Shortly after, the python was humanely euthanized. "We are keeping the invasive snakes from multiplying and reducing the overall impact on our native wildlife populations".

Hunter Eric Bramblet dispatched the 900th python in Collier County, a 5.5-foot long snake.

"After five years of studying these cryptic animals, we know the best way to locate a female python in southwest Florida during the breeding season is by tracking a male python".

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  • Sonia Alvarado