Thief nabbed after attempting to steal Frances McDormand's Oscar

Academy Award victor Frances McDormand delivered a rousing speech as she accepted the Best Actress award for her role as Mildred Hayes in the crime drama "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri".

A 47-year-old celeb-crazed man named Bryant, who possessed a ticket to attend the event, reportedly stole the coveted trophy during the Governors Ball after party.

The Oscar has since been reunited with Frances, who'd already had her name engraved on the statue before it went missing.

Bryant posted videos of himself on Facebook holding the award and he also kissed it.

Los Angeles police said a photographer who didn't recognize Bryant as an Oscar victor helped nab the suspected thief.

Police said Bryant was exiting the Governors Ball when he was photographed holding an Oscar statuette.

Bryant, who told other attendees he secured the Oscar "for music", was taken into custody by the LAPD Hollywood division soon after filming his "celebrations". Security at the event was notified and detained Bryant.

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Onlookers asked to touch the statue and offered congratulations, apparently unaware the Oscar belonged to McDormand.

McDormand won the Oscar for her performance as grieving mother Mildred Hayes in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

"Got this tonight! This is mine".

This is mine. We got it tonight, baby.

The actress called on all the female winners and nominees to stand with her as she claimed the prize for her role.

Hall said in an email: "Fran and Oscar are happily reunited and are enjoying an In-N-Out Burger together".

  • Michelle Webb