Kenosha County voters weigh in on Gov. Walker's warning of 'Blue Wave'

More than 1.5 million votes were cast, and it took a historical six-week recount to declare Prosser the victor - by a margin of only 7,004 votes. As an attorney at Michael Best & Friedrich, he represented farms and businesses in environmental cases and did legal work for Republican Gov. Scott Walker and GOP lawmakers. Labor unions demanded his removal from office after he implemented collective bargaining reforms that limited employees' ability to negotiate wages.

While state Supreme Court justices are nonpartisan, the race was highly politicized, with candidates and supporters on both sides finding ways to turn it into a referendum on the opposing party.

Walker and his team campaigned heavily for Screnock, while the National Rifle Association backed him as a "committed judge who will interpret the Constitution the way our Founding Fathers intended".

Screnock was appointed judge by Walker in 2015.

Like Kloppenburg, Dallet is the choice of Democrats, although the state party had not reported spending to help her as of last week.

"He has advocated on behalf of gerrymandering, rigging our maps in our state, which has been found to be unconstitutional", said Dallet in a March debate with Screnock. Screnock conceded the race, and results continued to trickle in late Tuesday showing Dallet with a double-digit lead. Dallet - a judge for the Milwaukee County Circuit Court, and a former assistant district attorney and adjunct law professor - ran for the open seat, and won.

What to watch in the race? "They fearless the weather consistently and the like to get out and vote". One out of every four Burns votes came from Dane County.

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Screnock did best in the traditionally conservative suburban Milwaukee counties of Waukesha, Washington and Ozaukee, where he got almost 41,000 more votes than Dallet.

Screnock himself, who was interviewed by BuzzFeed News shortly before election was called for Dallet, brushed off the idea that a win in a swing state like Wisconsin signals that the the country is in a wave - and that it was Dallet who politicized the race and made it about the rest of the country.

If there is any good news, it is that, even though the turnout of 22% was a bit higher than other recent Supreme Court races, and the 32% turnout in Dane County was almost the national turnout in November 2014, 1 million is but a fraction of the 2.4 million who turned out in Wisconsin that election.

Franklin said since three times as many people voted in the 2016 Presidential Election than in the 2018 Spring Election, it's hard to use the results as a prediction for the 2018 November Election. If family travel holds down turnout, that favors Screnock.

"I attribute it to Wisconsin voters standing up to special interests", said Dallet, a Milwaukee County Circuit Court judge.

Walker, who was publicly shown on video years ago describing a "divide and conquer" strategy with a Wisconsin billionaire, also tried to vilify progressives in an effort to motivate his base.

Screnock's quiet, low-key campaign style drives some veteran Republican campaign strategists insane. On Tuesday, however, Dallet lost by less than one-half of a percentage point.

  • Sonia Alvarado