Trump promises he will support congressional protection for state's that legalize marijuana

President Trump was reportedly so enraged by an Federal Bureau of Investigation raid of his personal attorney's office and hotel that he is now on the brink of firing Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general he appointed, as well as Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Gardner said he's lifting his hold and working with colleagues on legislation that would protect marijuana operations in states that have legalised the drug.

Gardner and others were concerned that it could lead to federal agents taking enforcement actions against dispensaries and other businesses that are legal under Colorado state law.

"Clearly, we've expressed our frustration with the delay with a lot of our nominees and feel that too often, senators hijack a nominee for a policy solution", White House legislative affairs director Marc Short told the press Friday.

"We applaud this commitment from President Trump, who promised during his campaign to take a federalist approach with regard to marijuana policy", Altieri said in a statement.

Senator Gardner placed a hold on Department of Justice nominees until he confirmed that Colorado's rights would not be infringed. Under Mr. Sessions's approach, US attorneys in states where pot is legal were given approval to prosecute cases where they see fit. Until then, it's just a promise, and accepting the promises of a pathological liar is never wise.

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The Cole memo that Sessions rescinded in January had directed Department of Justice prosecutors to deprioritize crackdowns on large-scale marijuana business operators in states where they've been sanctioned. Gardner was furious and argued it violated states' rights.

Andrew Lelling, the U.S. Attorney in MA, however, said in a January statement that he could not "provide assurances that certain categories of participants in the state-level marijuana trade will be immune from federal prosecution". In light of Trump's phone call, the senator said he has had a change of heart.

President Trump "does respect Colorado's right to decide for themselves how to best approach this issue", Mr.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, in response to the Justice Department's January memo, said she was committed to implementing the "will of the voters".

In addition to Gardner's holds, DOJ has faced notable bipartisan pushback from Capitol Hill when it comes to marijuana. The Washington Post reported in August that Sessions' DOJ was effectively hamstringing the agency's research efforts by making it harder to grow marijuana.

Earlier this week former house speaker John A. Boehner said he is joining an advisory board for a cannabis company, Acreage Holdings.

  • Sonia Alvarado