Instagram Payments Launched - Everything You Need To Know

A feature was rolled out before that enabled the users to watch YouTube videos inside the app only, this new update for the iOS users will allow the users to do the same with Instagram and Facebook videos. WhatsApp has been internally developing new features that are about to roll out.

The change log of the recent WhatsApp update says, "When you receive a link to an Instagram or Facebook video, you can now play it right within WhatsApp". This ensures that the videos play even if the users have logged out of the respective app. WhatsApp already offers similar support to play YouTube videos.

In the midst of Facebook's highly anticipated F8 developer conference, founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took the stage to announce the latest updates to come from the social network's universe.

WhatsApp has more than 1.2 billion users worldwide. Previously, video calling was only available between two parties, but moving forward, we should be able to bring in groups of at least four.

And their plans to add advertisements into the app is just one of the ways Facebook could be planning to dilute the encryption system of WhatsApp.

Stickers are also coming soon. After this, the video will start playing in chat itself.

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In October previous year, Facebook made it possible for its users to send and request money in Messenger using PayPal. Although the messaging app is now owned by Facebook, which admits they scan all the messages sent over Facebook messenger, they claim that they do not read messages sent over Whatsapp. The rollout of the payments feature has also been confirmed by Instagram.

The launch in the United Kingdom follows a small-scale beta trial with Marks & Spencer, Heidi Klein and Mahabis.

According to certain sources, Facebook wanted businesses to have easier access to users' data which they could then use to target appropriate consumer base. Also, the 2D photos could be turned into VR memories.

Select users of the social media site have begun to notice the addition of a payment button to the app's existing booking feature.

Reportedly, with Koum's exit, Facebook is planning to aggressively promote ads on WhatsApp.

  • Douglas Reid