Marvel Won't Reveal Avengers 4 Title Yet; Here's Why

Never before has a Hollywood film enjoyed even a 100 crore first week at the Box Office and in case of Avengers - Infinity War this feat has been accomplished in just a little over three days. Heck, it's already clear that Marvel tossed a huge level of deception into Infinity War trailers in order to not spoil their audience, so it's possible that Saldana was in on the plan to keep Gamora's fate under wraps previous year. The first Sunday at the box office netted Rs 32.50 crore and Monday did a record Rs 20.52 crore. The scenes flowed nicely into each other, and there wasn't too much focus on one character.

But while the outlaw Secret Avengers and their new looks may have been a highlight of the mega team-up's marketing rollout, the two original Avengers ended up somewhat sidelined in the movie itself. But I think it's fair to say that any Marvel fan worth one's salt can deduce this classic Phase 1 villain. I am in love with this movie, and I will be seeing it multiple times in the theater. The only Marvel characters that did not return to the Avengers were Hawkeye and Ant Man. Rivals to this franchise avoided this weekend so that they would not be overshadowed by this massive debut, leaving the field clear for this Marvel movie. But that also doesn't mean it won't be the case, maybe not entirely but with an ending as lifechanging as Infinity War's, we're going to need that continuation Russo's. The company is hoping that its summer line-up will revive the box office in North America, especially after the tough year movie makers had in 2017.

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Well, Saldana makes it sound like - unlike (probably) some of the other Infinity War characters - Gamora won't be coming back from the dead. There's not much more I can say here without jumping into spoiler territory, so read on only if you have seen Infinity War. And the company has already nearly made that money back in its opening weekend. It's already captured the top weekend domestic gross of all time, and stands as a "thrilling, emotionally resonant blockbuster", according to Rotten Tomatoes, where it stands with 84 percent of critics giving it a positive review.

  • Michelle Webb