PUBG Mobile Gets Miramar Map

A newly released dev diary takes viewers behind the scenes of the new update, with the team at Tencent speaking about the challenges of "copying and pasting" the Miramar map from PC to mobile, and methods used to ensure the game runs smoothly.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Mobile update 0.5.0 is now out in the wild, bringing with it the battle royale title's desert-themed Miramar map. One thing to look out for are Progress Missions, which are weekly tasks that unlock rewards. After all, the PUBG developer doesn't seem to be too shy about borrowing ideas from Epic Games' free-to-play title now that the two are major competitors, as Bluehole added an Event Mode just a couple of months ago. Players can now team up with nearby friends locally by inputting a six-digit code. This is more of a quality-of-life inclusion that does not require you to search for folks by their usernames.

Twitch launched this new set of custom filters earlier, and they're available to everyone watching PUBG streams.

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Finally, the update includes language-specific chat channels, the means to collect rewards for every new tier you reach in Season 2, a shop that lets you preview and buy outfits and items, and a Secret Stash that lets you buy special discounted items. You can then build connections once your synergy is high enough.

This new update is large and features progression-based missions and new weapons.

With today's update, PUBG MOBILE delivers the harrowing, varied terrain of the Miramar battleground to players.

  • Delia Davidson