Roseanne Barr returns to Twitter in attempt to explain 'stupid' tweet

"Gee, [Disney CEO] Bob Iger never called President Donald J. Trump to apologize for the frightful statements made and said about me on ABC", Trump tweeted. She addressed the show's cancellation and the firing of co-stars John Goodman and Laurie Metcalf by remarking, "I just wish ABC had not thrown two of the greatest actors in the world out with me-Laurie and John".

The network canceled the show, referring to her tweet about Jarrett being the product of "muslim brotherhood and planet of the apes [having] a baby" as "abhorrent, repugnant and inconsistent with [their] values".

Pulled off air over a racist tweet, USA sitcom star Roseanne Barr has blamed her outburst on a sleeping pill - prompting a swift retort Wednesday from pharma giant Sanofi which stated, deadpan, that its drugs do not cause racism.

The comedian blamed the offensive post - which likened an African-American former Obama aide to an ape - on "ambien tweeting", although she has since removed the tweet.

Trump had previously called Barr, a vocal supporter of his both fictionally and in real life, to personally congratulate her on her ratings success after the March premiere of the Roseanne revival. I made a mistake. The White House press secretary also cited specific instances in which individuals associated with ABC made negative comments about the president.

United Nations humanitarian coordinator calls for urgent support in wake of Gaza violence
"Reported use of excessive force and live ammunition is inexcusable", the prime minister's statement continued. According to United Nations figures, more than 100 have died since March 30, when the massive protests began.

"It had to happen", The Hollywood Reporter quoted Arnold as saying of the abrupt end to the hit ABC show.

She later tweeted that people should not defend her. "I would rather say nothing than to cause more trouble". Yes, I have had odd ambien experiences on tweeting late at night-like many other ppl do.

Barr also has a history of controversial statements that have been roundly criticized as racist, bigoted, or pushing conspiracy theories.

Arnold claims he even suggested to family and crew members that someone should take Barr's phone away: "I said, "Look, someone has got to tell her that Donald Trump doesn't carry his own phone".

Barr lashed back early Wednesday, replying, "i created the platform for that inclusivity and you know it. ME". "I'm not a racist, just an idiot who made a bad joke".

  • Michelle Webb