State of Decay 2: Zombies, permadeath, and resource management

Microsoft announced the milestone via Xbox Wire along with a few other statistics from May 25th.

And Xbox General Manager for Marketing, Aaron Greenberg, is happy to pass along the positive stats from the newly-released State of Decay 2.

Watching players create new communities, forge friendships and test survival skills contributed to making State of Decay 2 one of the top-watched titles this week.

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Granted, the game launched in Early Access for those who purchased the Ultimate Edition on May 18, which was a week ago. Throughout launch, there have been over six million combined hours of State of Decay 2 gameplay, and we've watched almost 3.5 million hours of gameplay across Mixer, Twitch and YouTube Gaming from over 41,000 unique broadcasts.

Within the game, players have slaughtered over 675 million zombies, thrown 6 million firecrackers and fireworks, munched on 6 million bags of snacks, read 2 million textbooks, and on average have survived for three in-game days. With this success, we are sure Undead Labs will continue to resolve the issues of the game in the upcoming months to allow the players to have a smooth experience and play the game longer which is good for the company. Even though it's a sequel to the original State of Decay, it's only loosely related story-wise. "Cooperative multiplayer and flexible play may appeal to some, but its pacing issues and a barrage of bugs make it a hard sell", says Digital Trends in its review. Microsoft and Undead Labs are now working on fixes, saying "The team at Microsoft Studios and Undead Labs continue to work on updating the game to address these issues as our number one priority". And since the game is an Xbox Play Anywhere title, you can play this on the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Windows 10.

  • Delia Davidson