Takeaways from Google I/O 2018

Google calls the previous and original voice "Holly".

"Many of us feel tethered to our phones and worry about what we'll miss if we're not connected". Pichai stated that the technology is still under development, but the first instance makes it quite clear that Google is getting creepily good at artificial intelligence.

Support for multiple displays has also been improved, and more capable hardware like the Pixelbook can connect to a maximum of seven displays simultaneously, Google said. It is highly recommended that users back up their devices before installing the new update just in case something goes wrong or if one wishes to switch back to Android Oreo.

The Android P 9.0 does come with the standard trio of navigation buttons, but now there's a new option within the settings menu, which lets you try the newly redesigned navigation experience.

One more addition in its Android software-that operates a majority of mobile phones in the world-will inform the consumers how much they are utilizing applications and enable them set caps for family members and themselves as well. With new updates, Google Photos will also allow users to color their old black and white photos. With Project Treble and new efforts to get manufacturers to roll out regular security updates, the company clearly wants to get updates (both software and security) to end users quicker.

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However, the new Google Assistant artificial intelligence is, as presented by Sundar Pichai, the most complex piece of technology that has ever been developed. Or, your hands are occupied while you're cooking but you would like to put on some music.

During today's Google I/O keynote, a brand new version of the app was announced, seemingly dropping the weather functionality and merging with Google Play Newsstand. Now with new voice variety users will get to pick from six additional, natural sounding voices. Amazon claims to have taken unspecified steps to ensure Echo is secure, Google said that Assistant has features to mitigate undetectable commands, and Apple said that its devices have precautions and limitations precluding certain of the commands.

LENS: Google's visual assistant will be built into the camera.

For a deeper insight into a story, the "Full Coverage" feature provides a complete picture of how that story is reported from a variety of sources. They took notice and, as you do these days, took to Twitter. Users will be able to follow arrows - or possibly a cartoon-like creature - that appear on a camera view showing the actual street in front of them. Earlier version of Android have also had the "clear all" button, which can be used to close all apps that are now being held in standby.

  • Delia Davidson