Volvo's infotainment system to get native Google Maps and Assistant

But that doesn't mean Volvo's decision to lean on Google was an obvious one. Most notably, Google accidentally outed a gesture-based navigation system that could debut this week (unless it's being saved for the Pixel 3). Future Volvo cars, therefore, shall offer drivers up-to-date information as well as predictive services. These are just meant to put devices with Android out in the market, giving Google an even bigger presence in the smart home market. It's a Google Home. We first met Google's smart speaker at I/O in 2016, but two years later Google is still selling the same first-gen speaker. The question on everybody's mind is what Google is planning for the smart speaker to better challenge the Amazon Echo. Or just let us jot down a note when we're in bed.

The features are embedded, eliminating the need to connect an Android smartphone.

The features will be available for Volvo's next-generation cars over the next few years.

The Play platform should see some modest gains this year starting with Google News. Gaming streaming courtesy of Chromecast is one possibility. It will also ship with a remote control, that can interact with older TV's via the built-in IR functionality. We aren't expecting them until this summer, but we could always see a shifting timeline now that Android Things is at 1.0.

A Volvo spokesman said that Google's app store guidelines will dictate security for third-party apps, and that new Volvos separate driving and auto functions from infotainment and app systems.

NASA wants to land on the Moon, after cancelling their rover program
Bridenstine said in a tweet: "We're committed to lunar exploration @ NASA " with "more commercial partners ". NASA said Friday that it would be putting out a statement about the project.

Perhaps the most crucial part of this week's I/O keynote could have to do with artificial intelligence.

Google I/O annual developer conference officially gets underway on Tuesday, May 8 in Mountain View California. So it makes sense that Google wants to include some new visual templates to Android Auto that will place browsable content front and center when an application is opened so you can quickly and easily start the task you're wanting. The productivity sections on most app stores are crammed with tools to help you organise your life.

Google is trying to save its wearable technology platform by rebranding Android Wear as Wear OS.

Till now, Google hasn't done anything impressive that makes its Chrome OS come into the spotlight.

  • Delia Davidson