Woman accused of stalking man, sending 65000 threatening text messages

During police questioning, she claimed to send the man text messages throughout the day which he never returned.

Jacqueline Ades allegedly sent a man 65,000 texts over the course of several months, sometimes up to 500 texts per day, according to court documents obtained by local station ABC 15.

On April 8, the victim called a detective a third time, saying he was out of the country, but saw Ades in his home while checking his home surveillance video.

Some of the messages were described as threatening and disturbing.

The two went on one date, but Ades allegedly became infatuated and continued to pursue the man.

Ades, 31 - who authorities said had a butcher knife in her auto - was arrested but later released and never showed up for her court date.

She also said she wanted to wear his body parts and bathe in his blood, according to KNXV.

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Last summer, the victim reportedly called the cops when he found Ades parked outside his home.

Officers arrived and say they discovered Ades inside the home taking a bath, after which she was arrested and charged with felony trespassing. Others included "Don't ever try to leave me..."

The man reportedly told police that he and Ades went on a date over a year ago and that she began to display obsessive behavior toward him.

Less than three weeks later, the victim called authorities to report receiving multiple threatening text messages from her, court documents said. "I'll kill you. I don't want to be a murderer", another message stated, according to officials.

Now, she won't leave him alone.

This woman did not just walk into a home that she wasn't invited to, but then she made herself right at home.

Ades also admitted to knowing her statements were "crazy" and planned to return to Florida when released from jail.

  • Sonia Alvarado