German coalition hangs on European Union summit's delivery on asylum reform

The German Chancellor is struggling to avert a crisis within her coalition on migrant policy.

The CSU is widely expected to hand Merkel an ultimatum Monday to tighten Germany's policy on accepting migrants, a move that could throw their political alliance into crisis.

The chancellor has flatly refused to back Mr Seehofer's plan to turn away migrants at the German border if they have already registered elsewhere in the EU.

In accepting the compromise, Merkel looks to be having a last throw of the dice to avert unilateral action by Germany that she argues would risk a "domino effect", collapsing the entire European Union asylum process and unravel the bloc's already frayed unity. Once again the two sister parties, Merkel's CDU and the Bavarian CSU, have been fighting over immigration.

NELSON: The interior minister and his party, which is facing a major challenge from far-right populists in upcoming regional elections, say they will unilaterally prevent migrants from crossing Bavaria's global borders if Berlin doesn't act.

Merkel has insisted that an EU-wide settlement can be reached at a June 28-29 Brussels summit, and says Seehofer's plan to turn away migrants who have previously been expelled would prejudice her chances of reaching that deal.

While several high-profile crimes by migrants have fueled public anger in Germany, which has admitted more than one million asylum seekers since 2015, the country's crime rate is at its lowest since 1992, according to official figures released last month.

"We just want to finally have a sustainable solution to send refugees back to the borders".

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If Seehofer, backed by his CSU, were to defy her by enforcing the plan on Monday, Merkel would be nearly certainly forced to fire him.

In a tweet on Monday, Trump said that the people of Germany were turning against their leadership because of loose migration policies.

She dashed Macron's hopes for a joint eurozone finance minister and budget, mindful of German public fears that their tax money be squandered on what voters see as fiscal irresponsibility in southern European Union states. "Where did the president get the statement that crime was way up in Germany under the Merkel plan for admitting refugees?" About a fifth of the refugees in Germany this year were registered in other European Union states and would have been turned away were rules in force sought by the CSU, the paper said.

"We see somewhat positive developments there", Merkel told reporters Tuesday.

Finally, they said victims of crime are twice as likely to report incidents if they are committed by people who are different from them, distorting the statistics.

However, her political capital is being eroded by a row with her Bavarian allies, who have given the chancellor two weeks to find a European solution to their immigration dispute.

Merkel has said she is "favourable" to a French call to create a European Intervention Initiative of forces which could be deployed rapidly to deal with crises outside the framework of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

  • Sonia Alvarado