Starbucks shut stores for anti-bias training

Most Starbucks locations in Rhode Island closed at around 2:30 p.m. and were not scheduled to reopen until Wednesday morning.

Starbucks closed more than 8,000 stores in the US for a program of anti-bias training for almost 175,000 employees, following the arrests last month of two African-American men in Philadelphia who had come to a Starbucks for a business meeting. Police said the men were arrested after a Starbucks manager asked them to leave because they hadn't bought anything and asked to use the restroom, which is against company policy.

Participating stores will close around 2 3 p.m., reports CNN.

Starbucks inside Targets stores will be open for business on Tuesday, the retailer announced on its website. "We don't want to become a public bathroom, but in the same context, we want to lead the company and manage the company through the lens of humanity", he said.

Alaska Starbucks locations will be closed several hours earlier than usual, as employees and management engage in "anti-bias training" to combat racial profiling. He also pointed out that, with such a large company, and with so many employees who may be replaced within the next couple of years, one afternoon won't be "moving the needle" on these issues. "We are different, but standing up for each other and having an increased sense of belonging to each other is really important", Sharma said.

To our Starbucks partners: I want to thank you for your participation today and for the wonderful work you do every day to make Starbucks a third place for millions of customers.

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Some Starbucks customers said that's a good thing.

Many locations in places like hotels, grocery stores and airports were still open Tuesday afternoon.

Starbucks has always sought to portray its stores as neighborhood-friendly spaces, but its rules about bathroom use and hanging out by non-customers has been up to the discretion of local managers.

"I think in an instance like this, they have a lot at stake", said Trish Waits, who was locked out.

"I know that for me, welcoming people in my life starts first with sharing who I am", Common says in the video, according to a transcript. Williams said the full curriculum will be made available to the public "after May 29", although Starbucks did not say exactly when or where it will be published. Our ceo, Kevin Johnson, met with the two men to express our deepest apologies, reconcile and commit to ongoing actions to reaffirm our guiding principles.

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