Donald Trump's scandal-hit environment chief Scott Pruitt resigns

As with Pruitt, many on the Left find his views on climate change and environmental regulation disheartening. Inhofe expressed his support for his former staffer on Thursday, calling Wheeler "the flawless choice" to serve as acting EPA administrator.

"I'm concerned that the Trump administration's assault on human health and the environment will continue long past Pruitt's departure from EPA", Pallone said. Pruitt's resignation came days after two of his closest advisers spoke to House oversight committee investigators and revealed new, embarrassing details in ethics scandals involving Pruitt. Wheeler is a former aide to Republican Senator James Inhofe, an outspoken climate change skeptic, and a former coal industry lobbyist.

"I knew that Mr. Pruitt and I would seriously disagree when it came to policy".

The mother who went viral for confronting Pruitt at a restaurant with her toddler in her arms said she felt "unrestrained glee" after Pruitt's resignation that was quickly put out by Wheeler's replacement.

Green groups expressed the same sentiment in response to Pruitt's resignation on Thursday.

In a letter sent to EPA employees obtained by BuzzFeed News, Wheeler said he looks forward to working toward the "collective goal of protecting public health and the environment on behalf of the American people".

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It's possible that Trump will decide to keep Wheeler on as EPA head, but his prospects might be hampered by anti-Trump social media posts that Wheeler made before the 2016 election.

Facing an array of ethical questions, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is leaving the Trump administration, telling the president in a letter, "Unrelenting attacks on me personally, my family, are unprecedented and have taken a sizable toll on all of us".

Wheeler has largely stayed out of the limelight and previously told the Washington Examiner he has no interest in taking the EPA administrator role. Hurlbut, who has first-hand knowledge of Wheeler's work, said he disagrees with the acting EPA chair on policy matters, but acknowledged that Wheeler is generally well respected. It took months of revelation after damning revelation for President Trump to finally remove Scott Pruitt from the top job at the Environmental Protection Agency. Andrew worked for me for 14 years, has an impeccable reputation and has the experience to be a strong leader at the EPA. Pruitt is the seventh person to leave a Cabinet-level post in the Trump administration.

Wheeler has a long history in politics. Inhofe hailed Wheeler's ascension to EPA chief.

As an evangelical Christian, Pruitt approached his job from a biblical worldview.

Pruitt's transgressions, in the eyes of many, were overwhelming: His flew first-class and asked aides about securing a military jet, secured a sweetheart apartment rental deal from a lobbyist, and sought government officials to give his wife a job, among other allegations. "Americans will not tolerate another EPA administrator whose primary goal is to fight the core mission of the EPA".

  • Douglas Reid