Game of Thrones’ Maisie Williams Bids Farewell, Hints at Arya's Fate

Maisie Williams, who plays assassin Arya Stark on Game of Thrones, announced she has finished filming her scenes on the medieval fantasy drama.

King's Landing - one of the most important of the seven kingdoms throughout the epic series' entire run - appears to be going up in flames, which is a very Game of Thrones way to go. Much of the cast has already bid its adieux, so Williams is perhaps the last woman standing in the real world, even if not in the Seven Kingdoms.

Maisie Williams is saying goodbye to "Game of Thrones" in a Westeros-inspired way that's as bloody as any of the HBO hit's violent plot lines. In lieu of a heartfelt goodbye, Kit Harington simply went off and got married (to his one-time co-star Rose Leslie); Sophie Turner dyed her hair blonde (Sansa Stark is famously ginger) and is about to get married; and Gwendoline Christie is a model now.

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Is this Maisie's way of telling the world that Arya Stark outlives every other character on the show (or, at very least, every other female character)?

Maisee Williams, the middle child who turned badass in Game of Thrones has definitely turned badass in real life too! Lena commented on Maisie's Instagram post. Whether she witnessed it as a bystander, or whether she was the one to inflict the pain, blood has followed Arya for a better part of the past seven seasons.

Game of Thrones premiered in 2011, now having aired seven seasons. "She captioned the image with the hashtag "#lastwomanstanding" which fans have taken as a hint that she will take the iron throne.

  • Michelle Webb