Theresa May faces Commons showdown with Brexit rebels

She said it would allow Britain to control migration, end the jurisdiction of European Union courts and forge its own trade policy - despite US President Donald Trump saying the prime minister's plan could "kill" a US-UK trade deal. Her remainer colleague Dominic Grieve said of the amendments: "The only intention behind their tabling was malevolent".

Supporters of the amendment, however, indicated it may not be moved to a vote on Monday night, partly because Remain-supporting Conservatives do not want to undermine the prime minister when she is vulnerable on her right flank.

However, this could lead to the prime minister being forced to accept key amendments in opposition to her Brexit plan in order to avoid a full scale rebellion.

As Theresa May's government continues to reel over its divisive plan to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union, the Prime Minister has rejected the idea of a second vote that would give the British people another say before the country officially hits the exits in March 2019.

The controversial plans, which detail "a common rule book" covering a new UK-EU free trade area, were presented by Mrs May as a hopeful compromise approach in Brexit talks.

Mrs May has said she was forced to come forward with revised proposals after two options put forward by the European Union were deemed unacceptable.

It was unclear whether they will actually press them to a vote after some pro-EU MPs backed Mrs May's Chequers plan and EU white paper.

Another pro-EU Conservative lawmaker Dominic Grieve, who has led previous efforts to get the government to soften its Brexit stance, said the party needed to accept compromises "or accept that Brexit can not be implemented and think again about what we are doing".

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She now argues a referendum should "give the public a first and second preference vote, allowing a consensus finally to be found".

Justine Greening told the BBC on Monday that Parliament is "gridlocked" over Brexit.

Mann's resignation comes after senior politicians including Boris Johnson and David Davis resigned over May's Brexit plan revealed at Chequers. In the London Evening Standard, the Tory former attorney general wrote: 'In a deeply divided country we must either work together to get the best deal we can and this needs compromise, or accept Brexit cannot be implemented and think again about what we are doing'.

While heat from Remain wing of the party has also been turned up, Greening claimed the PM's Brexit plan, contrary to what the she claims, is not what people voted for.

The North Cornwall MP had campaigned to leave the European Union before the referendum and in no analogy whatsoever is otherwise notable for being rescued from the sea by a Conservative colleague after he jumped in, too embarrassed to admit that he did not know how to swim.

A Welsh Conservative MP has quit as a minister so he could vote against the government on its Brexit Customs Bill.

Johnson, warned Monday that the Brexit "dream is dying" and Britain is "headed for the status of colony" with May's plan to stay close to the EU.

  • Sonia Alvarado