World Hepatitis Awareness Day is July 28th

Speaking on the occasion Dr Dharmesh Kapoor - Senior Hepatologist at Gleneagles Global Hospitals said, "On occasion of the World Hepatitis Day which is on 28 July I wish everyone at Hyderabad a very happy and healthy World Hepatitis Day as well as good health to you liver". Hepatitis b and hepatitis c virus infection usually cause chronic hepatitis, which leads to liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, and death. This year it is "Test. Treat. Hepatitis" by WHO and the theme by World Hepatitis Alliance for 2018 is "Find the Missing Millions" referring to the large population that is still unaware of suffering from the virus. It is spread through the blood of a person who already has hepatitis C. The number of confirmed cases of hepatitis C reported in Eau Claire County increased from 37 in 2016 to 39 in 2017.

She was relieved to discover that testing and treatment are covered by the health insurance system in Mongolia, now a world leader in combating a high hepatitis burden.

"Within the first year of the national programme, which targeted the 40-65 year age group, we were able to reach more than 350 000 people with hepatitis testing", said Ms Davaajantsan Sarangerel, Minister of Health, Mongolia.

Hepatitis is a liver disease or infection generally characterised by the presence of inflammatory cells in the tissues of liver. The campaign aims to spread awareness about hepatitis, its symptoms, treatment and prevention.

NY is now home to the nation's first strategy to eliminate hepatitis C, according to Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus.

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Viral hepatitis causes about 1.34 million deaths each year. The seminar was attended by the representatives of blood banks, blood donor organizations, NGOs, university and college students and other partners. There are many causes of hepatitis like viral infections by hepatitis A, B, C, D and E, including auto-immune hepatitis, fatty liver hepatitis, alcohol-induced hepatitis and drug-related hepatitis.

Infections of hepatitis C are 83% are more prevalent among people living in north India, says a report from SRL Diagnostics. One of the things we are trying to get people to do is get the test, so they are aware of their status and get treated if they have it. Hepatitis B can be passed on from mother to child during birth, but not Hepatitis C. If a pregnant woman is infected, early vaccination could prevent the virus's transmission to the new-born.

While the liver can combat hepatitis infection on its own in many cases, others become chronic infections that leave behind long-term health implications. "When there is contact with blood, then there is the need for blood screening", he added.

Iya, who was represented Dr Ibrahim Adamu, Director, Public Health, urged the people to always avoid risky behaviour, to avoid being infected with the virus.

The event is organized by the WHO in cooperation with the Mongolian government to mark World Hepatitis Day.

  • Ismael Montgomery