Alexei Pushkov: US expands economic and political war against Russian Federation

Albemarle County resident John Miska, 68, Algenon Cain, 28, of Red Springs, N.C. and William Hawkins Jr., 53, of Amelia, Va., were arrested by law enforcement personnel downtown Saturday for disorderly conduct, trespassing and public intoxication, respectively, on the one-year anniversary weekend of the white nationalist Unite the Right rally.

Authorities in the state were criticized for failing to maintain peace during last year's violent rally as they had not planned ahead but this year police said they are prepared to ensure law and order.

Garett has made similar comments linking last year's violent clash between white supremacists and counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, to "foreign influence", but this is the first time he has attributed those claims to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. But this is the first time it was revealed that Russian Federation was involved past year in the white nationalist "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville.

Virginia State Police Superintendent Gary Settle said more than 700 state police will be activated during the weekend and "state police is fully prepared to act" to prevent any incidents like a year ago.

Trump authorizes doubling of steel, aluminum tariffs on Turkey
Trump has described the pastor's detention as a "total disgrace" and urged Erdogan to free him "immediately". This is called carrying out an operation against Turkey", he said.

In the immediate aftermath, US President Donald Trump drew broad criticism when he appeared initially reluctant to condemn the extreme right-wingers - many of whom have rallied behind him since his election, including David Duke, a former KKK leader and avowed racist and anti-Semite who praised Trump's "courage" in defending white nationalist protesters.

He also said, "They use events like this divisive racial fight, which really ignores the commonality that we as Americans have with one another regardless of our race or ethnicity or religion". Statements by some U.S. politicians about the Russian connection allegedly visible in the clashes in the city of Charlottesville on racial and social grounds a year ago are unsubstantiated allegations, the Russian Embassy in the United States said in a statement on Sunday.

The violence culminated with a man driving a vehicle into a crowd of counter-protesters, killing a woman and injuring 19 people.

Washington officials said on Thursday that police were ready for the rally as well as five planned counterprotests that could attract close to 2,000 people in all. A 20-year-old OH man, James Alex Fields, said to have harbored Nazi sympathies, was charged with murder, malicious wounding and leaving the scene of a fatal accident. The city attorney took a new job, the city manager's contract was not renewed, a spokeswoman quit and the police chief, who was 50 at the time, retired after less than two years on the job. The city is planning to establish a "defined security area" downtown where weapons will be banned. One goal, he said, was to separate cars and pedestrians in the central part of the city.

  • Sonia Alvarado