Brooklyn nail salon brawl over eyebrow wax stirs racially-tinged protests

The Brooklyn nail salon that was shut down by protesters over the broomstick beating of a customer remained closed Tuesday morning as a makeshift tribute to the boycott was set up outside.

A Brooklyn nail salon erupted in violence and chaos on Friday - and it's all because of an eyebrow wax gone wrong.

Footage captures the workers as they crowd around a customer and smack her with a broom handle at New Red Apple Nails on Norstrand Avenue in East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

The wild scene was captured on cell phone video.

In video posted online, you can see employees using broomsticks to beat a woman and chase her out of the store.

Mercy Maduka, who posted the video, wrote on Facebook that the fight began when the customer refused to pay for a botched eyebrow job.

"Share this cause the cops chose to arrest the black people but not the Chinese people who ganged up on them", Mercy Maduka stated on Facebook. Customer Christina Thomas was booked on misdemeanor assault and other charges.

Huiyue Zheng, 32, was charged with assault and weapon possession. Some protesters urged black residents in the neighborhood not spent their money at the salon.

Brooklyn nail salon brawl over eyebrow wax stirs racially-tinged protests
Brooklyn nail salon brawl over eyebrow wax stirs racially-tinged protests

Person asks: What did you do today?Me: my partI started as a one woman show.

"You can't treat us like we're second-class citizens", said one protester. That's when the video shows the women in smocks turn toward two black women huddled against a wall.

Thomas was arrested on misdemeanour assault and other charges and was also released without bail, Daily Mail quoted New York Post report.

Police said Zhing was taken to the hospital before being arrested because of visible injuries to her face and body, PIX 11 reports.

"So because she did not want to pay the $5 for her messed-up eyebrows, they attacked this grandmother and her two granddaughters with sticks, threw acetone on them and then called the police on them", activist Jasmine Johnson alleges. Thomas refused medical treatment, according to police.

Police had to escort the salon owners out of the business today as furious community members shouted around them.

New Apple Nail Salon treated paying customers with inhumane disorderly conduct.

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