Google to launch Pixel Stand charging dock with Pixel 3

Today, courtesy of '' on the XDA Forums, a Pixel 3 XL in white has leaked.

As you can see in the images above, the milky color covers the rumored all-glass back of the device as well as its sides. The bootloader page indicates that this is an EVT 1.0 unit (Engineering Validation Test), just like the earlier leak.

Besides the obvious, the fastboot sequence reveals that the device in question is going under the 'crosshatch' moniker and has 4GB of RAM with 64GB of UFS internal storage.

Google is expected to unveil its new Pixel smartphones this October.

The Pixel 3 launch is only a few months away, which means the chances for leaks are growing higher. Once you agree to trust the dock, the Pixel Stand will also let you use Google Assistant while the phone is locked. If the rumors about the Google-made Pixel Stand are true, this glass back could be used for wireless charging purposes. The Pixel 3 XL has also reportedly been sighted in the wild in recent days, as a new leak suggests that Google has taken a lot of cues from Apple and its iPhone X for the upcoming phone's design. This houses dual front-facing cameras as well as one of two speakers, with the second placed in the handset's thicker chin.

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Glass is often used when wireless charging is in a phone - like the recent iPhones or Samsung devices, for example.

That's about all we can learn about the Pixel 3 XL from these leaked shots.

The code inside that variant gave away that Google is taking a shot at a remote charging dock codenamed "Dreamliner".

The image also confirms other rumours that the Pixel 3 and 3 XL will stick with a single rear camera rather than opting for a dual-lens snapper.

Google and Amazon are in a constant war to try and one-up each other in the smart speaker market, releasing speakers, mini speakers, those devices with screens hat everyone calls speakers, and so on.

  • Delia Davidson