President Trump Calls Fired Aide Omarosa 'Wacky' Amid Her Leaking of Recordings

Mr Trump's campaign said that in the 2016 race she "signed the exact same NDA that everyone else on the campaign signed, which is still enforceable".

In the recording, which Manigault Newman quotes extensively in her new book, "Unhinged", Kelly can be heard saying that he wants to talk with Manigault Newman about leaving the White House.

And he teed off on her for the new recording of her and President Trump, where Trump claimed not to have known about her firing in advance.

Then Director of Communications for the White House Public Liaison Office Omarosa Manigault Newman listens during the daily press briefing at the White House, Oct. 27, 2017, in Washington, DC. "She was vicious but not smart", Trump tweeted on Monday. "Nasty to people & would constantly miss meetings & work", he continued to rail.

"No... I, I, Nobody even told me about it", Mr Trump can be heard saying. He added: "I told him to try working it out, if possible, because she only said GREAT things about me - until she got fired!"

Manigault Newman, who appeared on "The Apprentice" and worked as a White House aide to Trump before being fired earlier this year, makes several noteworthy claims in her upcoming book, "Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House", which goes on sale Tuesday.

White House deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley kept up the pushback against the "disgruntled" former reality TV star who torches President Trump in her new book, countering her claims and raising the concern that he personally might have been recorded.

In an audio recording provided by Newman, Trump appears to be unaware that the former combative "Apprentice" contestant had been fired.

Manigault Newman, who's now promoting her tell-all book about her tenure for the Trump administration, played that recording Sunday during an interview on NBC News's 'Meet the Press.' In the interview, she said Kelly leveled a not-so-subtle threat during the firing: leave quietly and your reputation can stay intact.

In one clip, Kelly can be heard saying she would be "leaving the White House".

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On an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis, a rotating group of officers, members of so-called "watch teams", keep an eye on worldwide events, according to a Central Intelligence Agency report, so they can inform the president of terrorist attacks, civil war or other significant developments. "The false story ... that I tried to charge the residence of the White House, and it's a lie", she said on "Meet the Press".

"It's come to my attention over the last few months that there's been some pretty, in my opinion, significant integrity issues", Kelly said. She begged me for a job, tears in her eyes. But, now that she's a Trump trasher she's "the toast of the town".

She claimed that the White House destroyed some of her personal belongings that they still had possession of.

She told NBC's Today show there were "multiple tapes" and warned that there were more to come. Since her departure, she has sharply criticized the president as a "racist, a bigot and a misogynist".

Her disclosures are only the latest example, he says, of a disorderly White House. "What happened?" the voice asks Manigault Newman.

Ms Manigault Newman then adds "wow", before Mr Trump repeats how he shocked he is. That includes audio of her being fired by chief of staff John Kelly in December (she says she wasn't fired but forced to resign). In the process, she calmly responded to her former boss calling her "wacky Omarosa" in a series of tweets tearing into her character immediately after she accused him of being a puppet and "dangerous for this nation".

Kelly delivered the news to Manigault-Newman in the Situation Room, which is supposed to be one of the most secure rooms in the White House.

Former President Barack Obama and other officials meet in the Situation Room.

In the book, she does not say she heard him use the word, or that she heard the tape, but in an interview for NPR radio on Sunday, she said she had actually heard the recording.

  • Michelle Webb