Sacha Baron Cohen's sit-down with O.J. Simpson is painfully awkward

Though viewers were waiting to see Sarah Palin on Sacha Baron Cohen's Who is America? after the former Alaska governor said he "duped" her, that segment did not air on the show's season finale. Da Ali G Show ran for three seasons on both Channel 4 and HBO, and involved segments featuring Cohen doing stunt interviews in disguise as his three signature characters of Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev and Brüno, all of whom eventually received movie spin-offs.

Simpson was unaware he was being interviewed by the comedian, according to Entertainment Weekly, and instead believed he was sitting down with Gio Monaldo, a playboy and fashion photographer.

"Cohen also responded to Palin in a letter written in character as Ruddick, writing: "I only fought for my country once - when I shot a Mexican who came onto my property".

"Wait, I didn't kill nobody", Simpson retorted, laughing, to which Cohen tongue-in-cheek exclaimed back, "No I didn't either, I didn't either!"

O.J. denied he could reveal any details about their murder, contending: "Well, first of all, she wasn't my wife".

"Maybe I send her on a bungee jump - oops, the cord!"

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Every episode of Who is America is available to watch on Showtime.

After Christina heads out of the room, Sacha kicks it up a gear and tells the star: 'She's gorgeous but sometimes I want to kill her.

At the beginning of the clip, Cohen's character introduces a fake girlfriend and attempts to explain who Simpson is to the girlfriend.

He then high-fived Simpson, who continued to laugh and playfully told Monaldo to "stop".

Stop the planet, I want to get off. The former Buffalo Bills player was released on parole in October last year after spending nine years in prison for his role in a 2007 armed robbery at a Las Vegas hotel.

Simpson insisted he only wanted to retrieve personal mementos and items that were stolen from him following his acquittal in Los Angeles in the 1994 slayings of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend, Ronald Goldman.

  • Michelle Webb