Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3 To 10 Years In Jail

Bill Cosby has been sentenced to three to 10 years in state prison for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his estate near Philadelphia in 2004.

Being labelled a sexually violent predator would make him subject to mandatory lifetime counselling and community notification of his whereabouts.

During the sentencing, the judge declared Cosby to be a "sexually violent predator," meaning he will have to register with the sex-offender registry, report to authorities and undergo monthly counseling.

O'Neill also fined Cosby $25,000 and ordered him to pay the costs of the prosecution.

Though the charges each carry a maximum possible sentence of 10 years, Judge O'Neill announced that the charges had been merged into one because they all stem from the same event. His attorney wants the judge to send Cosby home on house arrest, saying he's too old and frail for prison.

On Monday, Kristen Dudley, a psychologist for the state of Pennsylvania, testified that Cosby fits the criteria for a sexually violent predator, showing signs of a mental disorder that involves an uncontrollable urge to have nonconsensual sex with young women.

Sonia Ossorio, president of the National Organization for Women of NY, praised Constand and each of the more than 60 women who have come forward to tell their stories about Cosby. "I am glad that Bill Cosby was convicted". And the judge allowed five women in addition to Constand to take the stand and confront the famous comedian to help illustrate Cosby's pattern of predatory behavior.

"I'm happy that the judge sentenced Bill Cosby accordingly and I'm grateful to Andrea for standing strong", she said.

Cosby's lawyers said his age, 81, and blindness made it unlikely that he would reoffend.

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Actress Janice Dickinson, who has also accused Cosby of sexual assault, laughed as the former entertainer was led from the courtroom.

'If I went from a city to another city, do I have to - even if it's just overnight - I have to get in touch with the state police, ' Cosby asked Commonwealth attorney Stewart Ryan during the session.

This CNN clip shows Cosby's publicist, Andrew Wyatt, reading a statement from his phone (after comparing Cosby to Jesus) that calls Cosby and Brett Kavanaugh victims of "a sex war" that's "going on in Washington today".

Each count carried a sentence up to 10 years in prison.

The judge in the Bill Cosby case has gone to his chambers to weigh the comedian's punishment for a 2004 sexual assault. His wife of 54 years, Camille, was not in court.

"We may never know the full extent of his double life as a sexual predator, but his decades-long reign of terror as a serial rapist is over", Constand wrote of Cosby.

Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele echoed the sentiment, adding that Cosby would commit similar crimes should he have the chance.

Cosby's first trial in 2017 ended in a mistrial when jurors could not reach a unanimous verdict. What does that mean for Cosby, exactly? His body of work developed his legacy as "America's Dad", in particular his depiction of obstetrician Cliff Huxtable on The Cosby Show, which ran for eight seasons until 1992.

  • Michelle Webb